Nobody likes to pay taxes.

As with every payment obligation, especially when no specific benefit or service is received in return, the emphasis is on the latter part, i.e. the obligation.

Due to its media presence and high proportion of income or wealth as well as the complexity of the accompanying technical literature, taxes play a crucial part in the life of every economically active corporation or person.

Nevertheless, they are not solely responsible for the degree of your success and well-being. Consequently, taxation concepts and arrangements are neither an end in themselves, nor can they be considered in isolation. Only in connection with solutions to other individual and personally important issues can they be put to optimal use.
Therefore we see ourselves as advisers with an emphasis on tax consultancy who embed a mid- to long-term taxation concept into your firm or personal life style, while at the same time bearing in mind related matters.

This is why we provide our services individually and tailored to your personal needs and requirements. In view of this, project completions in cooperation with other professional services providers, as well as advice and assistance given to international clients, constitute a significant part of our daily work.

We take care of you.

Where we help you

Areas of expertise

Advice and representation relating to ongoing tax matters

• Preparation of and cooperation in the preparation of all year-end financial statements

• Preparation of all tax declarations and tax returns

• Strategic tax planning

• Completion of bookkeeping assignments and support of corporate accounting departments

• Advice on all areas of accounting and bookkeeping

Advice on and planning of specialised tax and other structural corporate issues

• Advice on specialised issues concerning charitable and non-profit organisations

• Planning and implementation of tax-related and corporate structural optimization

• Advice on corporate de-mergers, splitting and lease concepts

• Tax-optimised advice on Corporate Finance issues

• Advice and implementation support concerning IPOs and other floatation issues

• Employee participation models

• Tax-optimisation concerning corporate transfer, disposal and discontinuation issues

• Setup and supervision of foundations under German Civil Law

• Advice on matters of fund application and utilisation, wealth conservation and accounting for foundations

• Tax arrangements concerning donations and sponsoring

Advice and representation before the Fiscal Authorities and external auditors

• Obtaining binding statements from the financial authorities

• Representation during complex external audits

• Representation before and negotiation with all financial authorities

• Advice on matters of tax collection (deferral, remission, cancellation)

• Raising of objections and preliminary legal protection

Legal protection and representation in tax-related court cases

• Representation before tax investigation authorities and the Public Prosecution in cases involving the following:

• Entrepreneurs

• Senior Management

• Private persons

• Staff & Colleagues

• Cooperation in tax-related court cases

Succession planning and execution of wills

• Advice on, and development of a corporate succession strategy

• Tax-optimisation of wills

• Advice on tax issues concerning the distribution and other matters of estate

• Execution of wills

International tax advice

• International (re)structuring of corporate activity for tax-optimisation

• Cross-border restructuring (M&A, demerger, corporate splitting)

• Double-taxation agreement

• Foreign Tax Relations Legislation

• Problems of international business relocation

• Planning of an international inheritance and Inheritance Tax strategy

• Tax-related advice on international relocation


Stefan Hardege
studied at the Berlin College of Management and Administration of Justice and graduated in 1986 with a Diploma in Finance. His subsequent career at the Department of Fiscal and Financial Administration in Berlin was concluded as an auditor in Taxation and Revenue Office for Corporations. After qualifying as a tax consultant, he decided to withdraw from the civil service and opened his own consultancy on 01.04.1992, making him at the time the youngest self-employed member of the county’s Association of Chartered Tax Consultants.
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